Located near Chiplun town on Mumbai-Goa National Highway, Parshuram Temple is an ancient temple. It has amazing architectural beauty which is a blend of both Muslim and Hindu styles architecture. Famous for 6th incarnation of Vishnu, there are three idols inside the temple and is surrounded by stone walls. This temple was built around 300 years ago by Brahmendra Swami and funds were provided by Janjirekar and Siddhi.

There is belief that Parshuram created Konkan Land, he is presiding deity of Konkan region. Behind Parshuram Temple, there is the temple of Goddess Renuka. There’s Bandganga Lake which is believed to be created by Parshuram’s powerful arrows. One will notice here that there are old houses which are from Adilshah Period. To reach Parshuram Temple, one can take public transport or avail auto rickshaws. The nearest railway station is Chiplun railway station and the nearest airport is Mumbai.

The other places to visit near Parshurma Temple are Malgund, Pawas, Marleshwar temple, Jaigad Fort, Derwen, Jaygad Fort and Arevare Seaface and Beach. Just a kilometer away, Malgund village is the birthplace of popular Marathi poet Keshavsoot. Pawas is famous for naturally beautiful and serene scenes. Jaigad Fort is legendary fort which stands high with spectacular view of sea. Open all year round, one can pay a visit to this ancient temple any day of the year.