At a distance of 28 Km from Amristar, Punjab is located the Wagah Border – the only open border between India and Pakistan. This site is iconic in many ways and it’s a sign of the partition and formation of the white line between two neighbors. Also known as the “Berlin Wall of Asia”, the border which is officially accessible by both the nations, is visited by tourists to enjoy history and the closing ceremony.   

The Wagah Border is visited by tourists from across the world as it’s a site with rich significance in terms of history. The 'lowering of the flags' ceremony here is a major attraction in which forces from both the countries take part in a daily martial custom. Every day before the sunset, the border starts buzzing with activities as a six-decade old practice of flag ceremony takes place here amid nationalist energy from both the side.

At Wagah Border, a huge crowd gathers every evening to be a part of the parade and flag ceremony held against the backdrop of patriotic songs and a stiff-marking parade. During the ceremony, the heavy gates at both ends get flung open for soldiers to engage in the amazing ceremony. So, be at the Wagah Border and enjoy a true spectacle.