Amritsar in Punjab has a Hindu version of the Golden Temple as well! Dedicated to the goddess Durga, the 16th Durgiana Temple is a popular site in the city attracting devotees and tourists alike in large number. Very much like the holiest shrine for Sikh, this temple too is surrounded by a holy water tank and here, a sense of calm and piety prevails right through the day.

Durgiana Temple is also fondly referred to as the Silver Temple because of its intricately engraved silver doors. Also known as Shree DurgianaTirath or SitlaMandir, devotees get submerged in soothing bhajans (devotional songs) sung for all day. Apart from its religious significance, its closeness of style and architecture with the Golden Temple makes it major attraction in the city of Amritsar. 

Although goddess Durga is the principal deity at the Durgiana Temple, Lord Vishu and Lord Krishna are also worshipped here with the same fervor and zest. Also called as Laxmi Narayan Temple, it has a dome and tank which are regarded holy by the Hindu followers. Major festivals are celebrated with great fanfare and people who visit here love the glowing work of artistry and architecture.