Bawan Pokhar Temple or the old temple of Vaishali is a popular temple in Vaishali, Bihar. A Hindu temple, it’s on the banks of a pond called Bawan Pokhar and is dedicated to several gods. People from all religions, caste and creed visit this temple, offer prayers and pay homage to the deities. As per historical records, this temple was built by the Pallava Kings during the Pala period. 

Bawan Pokhar Temple has a unique architectural design built predominantly using use and symbolizing the medieval era architecture. The beautiful images of Hindu gods and goddess adorn the walls of the temple and they are a salient aspect of the temple. In this temple, a big number of Hindu deities have been enshrined at one place and they all are worshipped collectively.

Further, different deities in the temple were made using black basalt dating to the Pala and Gupta period. Devotees will also get to offer prayer to a four-headed Shiva Linga found buried in the temple area. All Hindu festivals are celebrated here with great fanfare with a huge number of devotees making their presence felt there. Visit this temple and feel the essence of spirituality.