Vaishali is an ancient city in the state of Bihar. To the north of the city is a huge mound of 6 feet x 10 feet height, which is known as Raja Vishal Ka Garh. A protected monument and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), the place has a huge historical significance believed to be existing since the time of the Vajjis and the Lichchavis.

Historians maintain the Raja Vishal Ka Garh to be a structure of the 6th century B. C. and also having served as the seat of world’s first of democratic republics. Spreading over 81 acres, the place is believed to be the remains of an ancient parliament house. The place also has a mud rampart and fortification from the times of the Mauryan period (321-185 BC) and Shunga period (185-73 BC).

Excavations at the Raja Vishal Ka Garh site have established the presence of human settlement in till 185-73 BC together with artefacts dating back to 600 BC. The site has also revealed traces of a drainage system and objects from the Gupta, Kushan and Shunga periods. The place has so much history and antiquity attached to itself that you should give it a visit for sure.