Engulfed in the tall ranges of the western ghats in the southern state of Kerala, deceit the enthralling terrain of Periyar, the place is well acknowledged in travel industry for its wildlife sanctuary. Extend in an area enclosed by the tropical forests which offers the guests a magnificent sight of the blend of the deciduous, semi evergreen and tall trees that looks like poignant the sky. Periyar boaster of a congested cover and its best control is the Periyar wildlife reserve.

The Periyar wildlife Sanctuary conserve a good-looking lake in the heart of the sanctuary. The lake originally shaped as a pool of a Dam provides drinking water to the wildlife for their sustainance. Down the sides of the lake are boggy tall grass land areas giving it an beautiful look. In the boggy land are occasionally seen the Langurs and the Macaque.

The wildlife sanctuary attained the status of a national park in the year 1982 and it was stated a tiger reserve way back in 1978 to look after the tiger population under the project Tiger Plan, a plan in use with the Government of India, to save the increasingly lessening king of the Jungle.