Periyar Lake is an artificial lake created as a result of construction of a dam on the Periyar River, in the southern Wester Ghats, 200 kms away from Kochi. The Lake is spread over an area of 26 square kms. and, lies near the Idukki district in Kerala, within the Periyar national Park or Periyar Tiger Reserve, making it a must visit site for tourists, wildlife and nature lovers.

The Periyar Lake is the main source of water for wild animals living in the surrounding forests. Due to beautiful landscapes, lush green forests and vivid varieties of flora, fauna and wild animals, the lake is unique as it is the only place where a wildlife sanctuary can be seen closely through boating. The Lake also supports rich and unique aquatic life. 

Cruises and boating on Periyar Lake are organized by the Tourism and Forests departments of Kerala. While boating or navigating on a cruise in the lake, the most appealing part is enjoying the scenic beauty along with the vibrant species of birds all around accompanied by captivating views of wild animals living in their natural habitat. A visit to Kerala is incomplete without experiencing a boat or cruise ride on Periyar Lake.