The Rajpuri Caves in Satara district of the western Indian state of Maharashtra hold immense religious significance for devotees. At some 7 km from the town of Panchgani, these Caves are believed to have given shelter to Pandavas during their legendary exile period. The Caves are surrounded by many holy kunds(ponds) of ancient times. Devotees believe that the ponds have waters of the Holy Ganga River thus treat it piously. 

A visit to Rajpuri Caves is not complete unless you visited the Lord Karthikeya Temple- a major attraction of the cave. The place is also believed to have been used by Lord Kartikeya for religious rituals and penance. This is another reason of their huge religious significance among devotees. The ponds or kundas here are supposed to cure all evils and diseases for carrying the water of Ganga.

At the entrance of the Rajpuri Cave, you can notice several stone plates with inscriptions on them and devotees can also see the images of Nandi right in the front of the caves. There are a total of four caves in which one is separate from others while the rest are linked by underground tunnels. So, visit this place and experience the religious power of the great land called India.