Dayal Bagh, which means "Garden of the Merciful", is a locality of Agra in Uttar Pradesh, India. It is the head-quarter of Radhasoami faith where 8th Sant Satguru lives and is beautifully decorated region. This place is a memorial built to honor the revered leader, Radha Swami. The memorial combines architecture of mosque, gurudwara and temple together, and visitors from across the world come here to see this structure.

The Dayal Bagh colony was founded on 20th January, 1915 which was Basant Day (first day of spring) by Huzur Sahabji Maharaj. The colony was established once on sand dunes. But 60 years of hard work by residents of the colony with dedication for reclamation of land resulted in lush green 1,200-acre farm were oil-seeds, food grains, vegetables and fodder are grown.

In Dayal Bagh, no one owns property because houses, land and institutions belong to the community. There’s hospital and small scale industries to provide employment to persons living in colony. Tourists can purchase their souvenirs from shopping market and can carry with them. It also has many educational institutes such as Radha Swami Institute, and more.