Mahabalipuram, at some 60 km away from Chennai on the Bay of Bengal, is a beautiful place for its shore temples, stretches of immaculate beach and rock-cut arts. It's popular for its structured temples which sit side-by-side of man-made caves and artful rathas. Beautifully sandwiched between rock-strewn projections, beach and lagoon, Mahabalipuram blends natural delights, history and tranquil village landscapes to make for a peaceful tourism.

There are many charming places of attractions for tourists in Mahabalipuram, and the gigantic, historical and divine bas-relief Arjuna's Penance is one of them. Art lovers can enjoy their time in historical caves like Varaha Cave, Mahisasurmardini Cave and Dharmaraja Cave. The rathas like     Pancha Pandava Rathas, the linear Bhima Ratha, the square Draupadi and Arjuna Rathas and the taller Dharamraja Ratha add historical value here.

For those who savour rock-cut temples, the Krishna Mandapam or the Krishna Temple would be a perfect spot in Mahabalipuram. The Shore Temple is another popular spot here due to its architectural grandeur and artistic excellence. The Mahabalipuram Dance Festival, held annually in January/February every year against the captivating backdrop of the Shore Temple, draws lovers from all parts of the globe.