The Tiger Caves is a famous rock-cut Hindu temple which is located in Saluvankuppam, Tamil Nadu. This temple was built in 8th Century by Pallavas and dedicated to Goddess Durga. This place is also famous for recreation spot among the local people. The entrance of the temple is covered with 11 tiger-esque heads that’s why local called “Tiger Caves”. There are also many images of the tiger in the temple.

According to history experts, these tiger sculptures look similar to “Yali” animal, which was a cross breed of loin and tiger. This place is also popular as a picnic spot for locals and located on the way of Bengal. The monuments of the temple are maintained and protected by the Archaeological Survey of India. The beach is accessible from tiger caves which further adds to its overall charm.

There is also a Rock cut temple with Shiva linga, which was located at the corner of tiger cave complex. This temple is situated below the ground level and is a popular destination place for tourists. Sitting over the roof of the cave temple is an exciting moment for tourists to capture the palm tree and Bay of Bengal beach with their cameras. This place is also famous for its unique scripture of Yali animal.