At some 95 away km from Jaipur is located the small yet ancient village of Abhaneri in the Dausa district of Rajasthan. The place has great historical value and it’s visited for post-Gupta or early medieval era monuments. The presence of Harshat Mata temple and Chand Baori -- 1oth century attractions – adds heritage value to this otherwise sleepy town. Both the monuments hold immense value and are thus protected by the archeological department of India.

The Harshat Mata temple may be in ruins but its matchless craftsmanship continues to exhibit the true pinnacle of art. Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is considered an omen of happiness as Harshat Mata (goddess) is associated with happiness. Despite it dilapidated status, the temple still invokes strong memories and architectural hegemony of the medieval India and thus, a visit here is worth the time spent.    

The Chand Baori of Abhaneri is basically a step well that catches the attention for its uniqueness and visual charms. Made for rainwater harvesting, the well ranks among the largest and deepest in India and invites a good number of tourists for its delicated and intricate carvings. Having 13 levels and a 20-meter depth, the well has a great heritage value thus remains a popular attraction for tourists.