This monastery is located in the beautiful mountain barren valley, which is some 65 km away from Leh, Ladakh. This monastery is the perfect example of traditional Tibetan architecture. Dedicated to Mahayana deities, it has simple architecture and constructed with stone.There are many beautiful carvings on the wooden door and wall. The wall of the central hall is covered with Kashmiri wall painting and mandalas.

Maitreya Buddha is beautiful statute in this temple and main attraction for tourists. This temple has largest painting of Bodhisattvas on the back wall. Each Bodhisattvas is beautifully decorated and dedicated to different theme. This monastery is also famous for its well-preservedancient painting and architecture. These painting are of teachings, artistic and Buddha.This building constructed Tibetan style of architecture which was built in 13 century.

This temple is standing at the height 4 m each; it’s a triple storied building and is on the bank of the Indus River. There are many painting and structure of Buddha entrance of the gate. This monastery is also important destination for devotees in the season of summer. Here is celebrated many festival and programs that represent the Buddhist culture and tradition. Hemis is a most famous festival that’s cerebrated in the month of June.