Triveni Ghat is a famous Ghat of holy river Ganga which is the most sacred river for Hindus. This Ghat is used for a holy bath in Ganga River by most of pilgrims. It is believed that those who take a dip in this ghat will have released their past sign. Many of local believe that water has the power to purify them. The famous attraction of this place is evening “Maha Aarti” of Ganga River.

During sunrise, locals and devotees here offer milk to river and happily feed the fish of the river. At sunset many of pilgrims release a small oil lamp (Diya) placed on leave boat in the river, which becomes eye-catching for everyone. This place is also mentioned in many accident books, Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharata. Tourists can also visit its famous market where they can get gems, stones, clothes and Puja items.

This Ghat is a confluence of three rivers that are Ganga, Yumuna and Saraspati. Many of tourists like to visit this ghat by boat and enjoy the eye candy view of the ghat. Greeta Temple and Laxmi Narayan temple are two main temples in this ghat. This place is easily accessible by local transport from its nearest railway station.