Just about 5 km from the religious town of Haridwar is located the beautiful and popular Saptrishi Ashram. Founded in 1943 by Goswami Guru Dutt, this quaint old is in faintly dilapidated statue today but continues to draw visitors in a good number. The purpose of the ashram was to indulge in the work of the revival of the Hindu traditions, thus it remains a major attraction in the spiritual town.

The Saptrishi Ashram complex has a Sanskrit College as well as a residential hostel for students. In ancient times, seven saints or sages used to meditate at this very place and that’s why the ashram was called “Saptrishi”. Since the Gange River passes by the ashram, it used to be a perfect place for meditation. It’s believed the mighty river Gange split up in seven streams to avoid causing any distraction to meditating sages.

As per legends, the Pandav brothers passed through this place on the way to heaven which is symbolized by statues of the five brothers and their wife on the river bank. The Saptrishi Ashram is also the place where devotees heading to Badrinath and Kedarnath took rest and did a night stay. In overall, this ashram deserves a visit for its immense religious significance and myths associated with it.