Rajayatna Tree is a famous attraction for tourists in the Mahabodhi temple complex, Bodhgaya, Bihar. This tree is an ancient tree dedicated to Buddha - it’s believed that Buddha spent seven weeks under the tree for meditation. This tree is also known as Bodhi tree and peepal tree and holds great significance for Buddhist – as it was directly connected with the life of Buddha. As per historical evidence, this tree was planted in 288 BC.

The temple has been constructed on this Bodhgaya tree site in 7th century by the Burmese King. This temple was destroyed in 11th century during the Muslim invasion but was reconstructed during the year 1880. Currently this temple is maintained by Archaeological Survey of India. There is another beautiful statue of Buddha that attracts devotees and tourists all over the world.

This place was also visited by the Great Ashokawho established a monastery in this area which has disappeared. This place is also known as UNESCO world heritage site and this temple is some 60 km away from the main city Patna. A trip here is a big stride forward towards spiritualty and every year, millions of devotees, both Buddhists and non-Buddhist visit this site.