The holy and religious city of Haridwar in Uttarakhand is home to many famous places of worship and Maya Devi Temple is one of them. This ancient temple is considered one of three SiddhPeeth located in the state, and it’s dedicated to goddess Maya. Previously, the city of Haridwar was also known as Mayapuri as goddess Maya is the deity here.

As per legends, the heart and navel of goddess Sati feel on the spot where the temple is located which lends it its religious worth. This is also the reason why the temple is known as a Shakti Peetha. It’s believed by devotees that this temple is here wishes and desires get fulfilled when they pray and offer worship to the three-headed and four-armed deity.

In Haridwar also, two other SiddhPeethas are located and their name are Chandi Devi Temple and Mansa Devi Temple. Maya Devi Temple dates back to 11th century making it one of three ancient temples of the town still intact. The temple is located to the east of HarkiPauriand it’s a must-visit place for those with come to the holy city of Haridwar.