A visit to the Hemis National Park means some wonderful memories at the ‘Snow Leopard Capital of India’ in Ladakh, Jammu & Kashmir. Set up in 1981, this popular park came into existence to protect the ever-decreasing population of wildlife in the region. Name after the monastery HemisGompa, the park is stretched over some 600 sq. km of area and located between 3,300 to 6,000 m height.

The Hemis National Park is perfect for wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers alike for its blend of varied landscapes, cold deserts, mountains and variety of flora and fauna. The park is a bit attraction for a big variety of Indian Wildlife together with some rare and endangered species. More than 200 Snow leopard are recorded here and they have been the major attraction here.    

A trip to the Hemis National Park gives you a chance to watch animals as varied as Tibetan wild, red fox, rhesus macaque, Ladakhurial and much more. You can watch Snow leopard roaming around freely in this stunning park. Inside the park, you will get to visit several   Tibetan gumphas and holy chortens. So, visit this breathtaking national park and feel privileged!