Are you born with adventure bone in your body? Do you want to experience jungle safari? Well, exploring jungle on Elephant Ride at Corbett is otherworldly experience. This safari tour is especially for people who want to see wild animals more closely and different terrains. While ride in park, tourists can see mammal species including Barking deer, Wild elephant, Rhesus monkey, Ghoral, Wild boar, Rhesus monkey, Langur, Jackal, Civets, Porcupine, etc. 

On Elephant Ride at Corbett and with expert Mahout, you can go on rugged trek, mysterious forest, scenic valley and river. It is a scary feeling when you go close to herd of wild elephants or tiger, which will give you goose bumps. One can expect to see breathtaking view of valleys, mysterious jungle and rich varieties of fauna and exotic flora.

The main attraction of Elephant Ride at Corbett is that visitors will get chance to experience the jungle at its full glory. The safari follows designated path to ensure that travelers can visit all expanses where one can spot birds, mammals and different species of reptiles. This park is divided into five zones, and ride of elephant is allowed in Dhikala and Bijrani Tourism zone only.