Visit the only hill resort of central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh to soak in the myriad blessings from the nature. An ideal summer retreat, savor the bewitching environs dotted with numerous sites for extreme delight of the sense. Take pleasure in the stretches of emerald-green coppices sandwiched amid red-sandstone cliffs. A sheer work of art, a trip here is akin to making the summer truly memorable.

The fame of Pachmarhi dates back to the British era when it gloriously served as the summer sojourn of the Raj. Nature lovers can stay away from the visible splendor of a hill resort that has an amazing array of cascading falls and immeasurable ravines. Wide expanse of jutting peaks and lush glades add to the overall charm of a site whose role is significant in accelerating the tourisms of the region.

The backdrop of Pachmarhi is fascinatingly bound by over 3000 ft soaring ranges of the Satpura Mountain. Mythology is steeped in the culture here, and the name itself is derived from Panch Marha (five caves), which are believed to have been the shelter for the exiled Pandava princes. The site also catches attention for its rich archaeological treasure, arising notably from the antique rock paintings.

Sightseeing prospects are many in Pachmarhi bringing sheer joy and excitement for the absolute beauty of offer. The prettiness and spiritual charms of the Mahadeo Hills are next to none. The sunset viewing is a truly mesmerizing experience at Dhoopgarh - the highest point in the Satpura range. A wide range of exotic birds and animals can be visited at Satpura National Park.

The colonial finery is on display with its red-roofed bungalows that are laced with charming gardens. The Stone Age cave paintings are a true marvel here, so do the sites of government gardens and museum. In overall, a trip to Pachmarhi is sure to delight for numerous wonders, coupled with the virginal air, winding tracks and radiant ponds.