Near to Port Blair in the Andaman Island, the Viper Island is as much as a beautiful tourist destination as it’s a historical. It’s the site of the famous (or notorious) jail where the British used to dispatch convicts and political prisoners. Historical significance apart, the Island is utterly serene and beautiful drawing tourists and nature lovers in big numbers every year. 

So, tourists from all parts of India visit the Viper Island for its natural picturesque environments and a variety of attractions. For some, it’s a site to get a rich peek into the eventful yet proud independence history of India while for some, its   mesmerizing picnic spots amid scenic settings give the kick. Once here, you will experience a matchless variety of exquisiteness and tranquility for sure.

Every year, the Viper Island receives nature lovers and admirers of history and it has a lot of things for both sets of visitors. The island presents a lip-smacking fusion of elements from the times of India’s Freedom Movement and matchless grandeur of nature. So, plan you trip to this amazingly popular Viper Island and find you share of joys and trivia in the midst of natural charms.