The Vijayanagara Fort is a historic and perhaps one of the most popular monuments in Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu. This 16th century fort, at a distance of two-km from the renowned North East of Brihadeshwarar Temple by constructed in part by the Nayak King Vijay Raghava and then the Maratha rulers. The fort is imposing and magnificent at the same time and houses a lot of popular attractions including Thanjavur Palace, Art Gallery, Siva Ganga Garden and SangeethaMahal.

The fort is exceptional in terms of architecture and design and that’s why, rated among the most popular ones in the entire India. It has an art gallery that showcases a big collection of mesmerizing sculptures and paintings. It’s believed that this fort was built to get protection from enemies of the state of the erstwhile time. However the most part is in ruins now, the fort is still visited by a big number of tourists on a daily basis.

The Vijayanagara Fort is majestic in true sense with lots of buildings nearby showcasing splendid stonework. The fort has two Durbar Halls and it also houses European and Sanskrit manuscripts on palm leaf and paper. The library is a great way to get a peek into the history of the place. Give this splendid fort a visit and witness the art and architecture in its true glory.