Patronized by Maharana Kumba, Vijay Stambh is a nationalistic masterwork in Chittorgarh. Built as symbol of triumph over Mohammed Khilji, it was constructed between 1442 AD and 1449 AD. This tower is piece de resistance and is dedicated to Hindu God -Lord Vishnu. With the base height of 3 meters, visitors can get glimpse of city after reaching top floor through 157 narrow stairs.

Vijay Stambh is nine storey tower with height of 37.19 meters. It is made of white marble and red sand stone, and each storey has balcony as well. This tower is filled with images of weapons, inscriptions, musical instruments, etc. Also, it has portrait of Jaita and his 3 sons on fifth floor of tower- Puja, Napa and Poma, who were architect of tower.

The uppermost storey of Vijay Stambh has inscribed slabs which contain detailed genealogy of Chittaur rulers. Standing as remarkable example, its topmost storey has image of Padmavati – Jain Goddess. Additionally, the word “Allah” is carved in Arabic in 3rd and 8th storey. One can reach here by road, rail or airplane. It is at distance of 5 KM from center of Chittorgarh and 6 KM from railway station. The nearest airport here is Udaipur airport which is 98KM.