Viceregal Lodge, also known as ‘Rashtrapati Niwas’ in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, is one of the most visited sites due to its historic and architectural importance. It is located on the Observatory Hills, one of the known seven hills of Shimla. This splendid building was constructed between the years 1880-1888, as the residential place for the then British Viceroys of India.

The Viceroy Lodge is built in the Jacobethn style and depicts the finest form of English Renaissance style of architecture. The building reminds one of the fantastic and imaginary Hogwarts School from the famous Harry Potter movie series. After Independence, the Viceroy Lodge remained a summer retreat spot. Later on, the building was handed over to Indian Institute of advanced Studies (IIAS).

It is situated at a distance of 3 kms from the Mall Road in Shimla. The Lodge is surrounded by a beautiful garden and lush green Himalayan mountain ranges, making it a serene and refreshing excursion site away from the city buzz.

The visitors are also offered guided tours to provide details related to the architecture, history and the museum located inside the building for a nominal fee. The tourist and other visitors highly appreciate this monument due to its architectural and natural splendor.