Vashist Village is a popular yet tiny place about 2km north of Manali in Himachal Pradesh. On the hillside above the Beas River, the village has huge religious significance and it’s mostly visited for its temples and hot springs. The scenic beauty of the place, coupled with chilled atmosphere, makes it one of most-visited places in the region with locals, tourists as well as foreigners coming here in great numbers every year.  

In addition, the small Vashist Village is known as the abode of revitalizing sulphur springs. These springs not only have a deep religious value but also carry varied therapeutic values. Tourists take a dip in them to relive and revitalize their weary body and feel refreshed instantly. What’s more, the Vashisht hot waters springs are believed to be a perfect cure for many skin diseases. 

A trip to Vashist Village means you get to know about a legend associated with Rishi Vashisht. It’s believed that the Rishi attempted suicide by jumping in the river the moment he heard about his children killed by Vishvamitra. The river he jumped into carried him to this very Vashisht village. You can clearly establish the religious connection this place enjoys.

A huge number of people come to Vashisht village on a daily basis to benefit from the Vashist baths to cure many of their skin diseases and infections. With separate bath facilities for both men and women and Turkish style showers there, tourists find it easy to use hot and cold water for their bath. So, visit this place and enjoy your exotic baths against the spectacular backdrop of the Himalayan beauty.