Van Vihar is a beautiful park in central India located in Bhopal City, the capital city of Madhya Pradesh. This park was declared a national Park in 1983 by the government. Spread across an area of 4.45 Km, it’s one of the most famous places for nature lovers. In this park there are 60 different species of butterfly and 207 species of birds to give you a memorable outing for sure. 

Van Vihar is a beautiful park and is also home to many animals like Blackbuck, Cheetal, Blue bull, Sambhar, etc. This park area is strictly reserved for wildlife and biodiversity.  This park is open for all tourists at 7:00 am to 7:00 pm in a day while it’s close on Fridays. Located some 8 km from the main city railway station, the park is a place where visitors can watch many birds including peacocks, barlets, bulbuls, Kala Teetar, wagtails, Blue Kingfisher and Munias. 

Van Vihar National Park is a place to enjoy a calm stay and feel some nature and wildlife together. When in Bhopal city, don’t give it a miss for sure. Morning and Evening is the best time to visit this place and keep in mind, there is entry fees and also a charge for taking your camera in. Have a quiet stay at this park and enjoy all riches of nature.