Upper Lake is a beautiful manmade lake which was built in 11th century by the Raja Bhoj. This place is also known as “BadaTalab” by the local visitors. This lake is close to Kamla Park, which was a royal garden and remains one of the famous tourist destinations in Bhopal. This place is clean and one of best sources for fresh air in this area.

This lake is a largest lake in the Bhopal city and a major drinking source of fresh water for the residents. This lake is serving around 40% of the residents in the city. It is nearby ChhotaTalab and separates with a bridge. The Uper Lake spreads at an area of 18 sq km and is also popular for sporting activities, and considered is great source of fun and entertainment for tourists as well as the locals.

This place is famous for Boat riding and other sporting activities such as Kayaking, rafting and water skiing. This Upper Lake was renamed Boojtaal by the state government in March 2011 and a huge statue of Raja Bhoj was installed on the lake. This statue is 32 feet tall and has seven tonnes weight. This statue is made by bell metal and has taken 2 months for making.