The Udayagiri Fort in Kanyakumari Tamil Nadu is a major tourist spot for its rich connection with the history. Some 14 km away from the town of Nagercoil, the fort is encircled by isolated hills and covers a big area of 90 acres. First built in the 17th century, it was then rebuilt a century later by Maharaja Marthanda Varma of Travancore and since then it stands proudly.

The Udayagiri Fort was built in help in the manufacturing and storage of military equipment like cannons and guns. Later, it also served as a prison during the regime of the King Marthandavarma where war prisoners were held captive (from the battles against Tipu Sultan). Built using massive granite blocks, the entrance of the fort still has a stand with the fort history engraved in a granite placard.

Further, the Udayagiri Fort still has the tombs of the Dutch Admiral Eustachius De Lannoyand of his wife and son. Now, the fort is converted into a biodiversity park hence becoming home to a range of plants and animal species. Some of major attractions here include roaming peacocks, swans, deer and a small park with slides for children. So, visit this fort and enjoy a perfect blend of nature, history and architecture together.