Udaipur in Rajasthan is known as the city of lakes. It has many popular lakes and the Udai Sagar Lake is one of them. Falling under the category of five lakes of Udaipur, this lake is located some 13 km east of the legendary and historical city. It took six years to construct this lake and it was completed in 1565 by MaharanaUdai Singh.

In a true sense, Udai Sagar Lake is historical and depicts the patronage to water bodies by the erstwhile kings of that time. Extending respective 4 km and 2.km in length and breadth, this 9 meter deep lake came into existence due to the building of a lake in the mid-15th century. Built on the Berach River, the purpose of the dam was to supply water to the kingdom during those days.

The Udai Sagar Lake is historic in many senses as it was the site where Maharana Pratap Singh was invited in 1573 by Kunwar Man Singh through he refused the invitation. It’s the bank of this very lake where the army of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb was defeated by Maharana Raj Singh. People visit this historic lake to enjoy the calm and tranquil waters and the quietude of the environs.