Tin Kona is a beautiful island of the sunderbans, West Bengal. It’s a popular place for tourists and adventure lovers alike for being rich in flora, fauna and scenic beauty. It’s also home to the beautiful spotted deer’s and you can watch it in the morning. Those who visit this island can watch various wildlife animals like crocodiles, various primates, leopards, King Cobras and rattle snake.

More so, Tin Kona Island is also famous for fishing and adventurous activities. You can get a safari to visit this place. February to April and September to November is a great time to visit this place. This place is located at some 31.4 km distance from Siliguri, west Bengal. It’s open for all days in a week and everyone can according to convenience.

Tin Kona Island is a perfect place for those who love nature and adventure. Those who come here can easily get budget hotel and restaurants and have fun. Evening is the best time to visit and take pictures in this Island. This island looks great at sunset. Come here, enjoy nature, revel in the sight of wildlife and have a lovely time here.