Ooty in Nilgiri district of Tamil Nadu has lots of beautiful places and Tiger Hill is surely one of them. Lying east to the hill station town, the hill is truly mesmerizing offering natural beauty of matchless variety and some good activities for adventure seekers. Visitors can take a trek up to the hill which is some 6 km off the main town. The place is a paradise for trekkers.

Tiger Hill is a place of great scenic beauty but it has some religious legends associated with it as well. The Cave close to the hill is often linked with many religious folklores. Further, the hill is ideal for picnic purpose and families and visitors flock here in great number to relax and unwind in the midst of natural scenery. The soothing presence of the hill is great for the senses and mind together.  

Tiger Hill is the place to be at when you seek tranquility away from the chaos of a busy city and rushed life. The water reservoir which is encircled by thick forest cover, cliffs and ravines are a pure treat to the eyes. Here, you can savor the bounty of the nature, meditate and introspect and walk for miles through calm forested area. So, pack your bag and reach Tiger Hill to unwind in the lap of nature.