Tholpetty Wildlife Sanctuary is part of The Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary, situated 20 kms from Mananthvady in the Wayanad district of Kerala. This sanctuary is one of the richest bio-diversity zones in India and is a major tourist attraction in the state of Kerala.

This Sanctuary is part of the highly sensitive and protected Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve. It covers the northern part of Wayanad Sanctuary which spreads over an area of 345 sq. kms. It also connects to the protected zone of Nagahole in Karnataka. Tholpetty is one of best spots for sightseeing wild elephants in their natural habitat.

Apart from elephants there are several other species of wild animals found here, like giant squirrel, bisons, peacocks, deer, leopards, tigers, monitor lizards, wild boars etc. The entire sanctuary is covered by lush evergreen forests with tall bamboo trees, bushes and giant trees serving as paradise to the residing wild animals and highly rich flora and fauna.

The most common method for touring the sanctuary is a 2 hour Jeep Safari through the forests. Visitors can also go for trekking to explore this diverse and most bio-geographically rich part of the Indian Peninsula.

The Forest and Tourism department of Kerala has introduced the concept of eco-tourism which involves educating the visitors and tourists with respect to conservation of natural resources and environment. The overall experience of visiting this place is worth gaining! Mananthvady is accessible directly only via road.