Thevally Palace is a wonderful piece of architecture, situated at a distance of 25 KM from Kollam, Kerela. A popular heritage building, it was constructed during the period 1819 by GauriParvatiBai and it has an architecture design which is the mix of British, Dutch and Portuguese style. The Palace attracts a big number of tourists right through the year purely for its beauty and history.

More so, Thevally Palace falls in the area which is one of the most popular routes for houseboat tours which start from Kollam city. This lake provides a great view of this palace and has a long historical background. The palace remains one of major historical monuments in Kerala, and it’s also known as Thevalli Palace by locals. Made using local materials like lime plaster and laterite, the palace has a unique architectural designs which keeps it cool during the summer.

Further, the interior of Thevally Palace makes it unique and attracts lots of visitors. At the beautiful lake Ashtamudi Lake, the palace is a perfect place for photography in the early morning. It has a great connectivity with its nearest highway NH47 and it’s also an excellent place for family vacation during the summer holiday. This palace is maintained by the Public Works Department of the Kerala Govt.