Temple of Manu, or Manu Temple or Manu Maharishi Temple is a beautiful and popular temple in the charming hill station of Kullu, Himachal Pradesh. Located in the Old Manali region, the temple is considered very sacred by locals and religious tourists alike and this is why it attracts a huge footfalls every year. It’s the only temple in India dedicated to the worship of famed Rishi Manu.

Manu Temple has a vast religious significance and as per Hindu mythology, Manu sage is believed to the creator or originator of the human race. Religious-minded people visit this temple in great number as they believe that the place has a strong connections with the seventh incarnation of the great sage Manu. Legends are abound with the tales of how the great sage saved the Vedas and the seven sages from the flood at that time. 

A green thick forest of pine trees and moss surround the temple and lend it an extremely scenic view.  Made entirely of stone, the stone walls of the temple are adorned with exquisite and charming engravings of gods and goddesses. Many intricately made stone sculptures can be seen around the temple which adds to its beauty further. So, visit this ancient temple and feel a surge of spirituality in the calm and serene settings.