Tazia Tower is a famous structure in the heart of Jaisalmer, Rajasthan that reflects as much history as architectural finesse. Located near the famous Badal Palace, it’s a major tourist attraction in a city dominated by various Rajputana architecture. The tower is a five-storied structure with each story having some significance attached to it. Each floor of the tower has a balcony known for their unique and distinctive designs.

The Tazia Tower was built by Muslim craftsmen of the era and its design was influenced by the shape of Tazia – a tomb carried by Shiite Muslims during the procession of Muharram. Upon completion, the structure was then gifted to the royal patrons and since then, it has with them inside the Badal Palace. The spatiality of the tower is in fact the enhancing architecture and numerous delicately carved and beautiful looking balconies that lend it a unique appeal. 

For those who love art and architecture, their Jaisalmer trip is incomplete unless they visited the Tazia Tower mounted atop the Badal palace. This exquisite edifice of 20th century deserves a visit to marvel at the architecture and reminisce the perfection those craftsmen showed in building this beautiful tower. The tower also has several paintings and artwork of that era thus giving you a peek into olden the times in this lovely city of western Rajasthan.