Takthok Monastery is a famous Buddhist monastery in Sakti village of Ladakh, India - which is located about 46 km from Leh, Ladakh. This monastery was founded in 16 Century by the king of Tshewang Namgyal. The architecture of the monastery is made by rock material. This monastery is also known as its nick name “Tak Thok”, which means Rock Roof. The monastery wall is painted with images of various deities.

A total of 55 lamas have lived in this monastery. It’s is only one monastery in the Leh that’s belonging to Nyingma tradition. This makes the monastery highly popular and a top tourist destination in Ladakh. This monastery has a big library and has largest collection of Buddha’s books. Tak Thok is a main festival of this monastery and celebrated every six month according to Tibetan calendar. The festival is also popular for charm lamas dance.

This Monastery is located in Hill and caves in Ladakh. Caves are used by lamas for meditation and prayer.  This monastery has the largest collection of Buddhist books of teaching. The words in these books have been written with gold and silver letters. Buddhist and Urdu are the two common languages that are spoken by local people here. Visit this well-known monastery and experience one of gems of Buddhism.