Shillong, the capital city of Meghalaya in India is truly a nature lover’s paradise, as it beholds spellbinding waterfalls, mountain peaks, lakes and gardens depicting natural beauty beyond expression. The Sweet Waterfalls is one of the most charming waterfalls in India that is located in Shillong city- the Scotland of the East.

The Sweet Falls which is also known as ‘Kshaid Weitden’ in the local language is one of the steepest falls found in the region. It is located near Happy valley which is about 8 kms from Shillong. The waterfall flows as a 96 meters high narrow stream of water gushing down at rocks enclosed with rich vegetation.

The surrounding valley of the waterfalls is extremely rich in bio-diversity. Pine trees spread all over, the burbling sound of the waterfall and the melodious birds twittering, makes the Sweet Falls a complete relaxing and rejuvenating escape from the modern day hustle-bustle.

The waterfall can be easily reached via road. However, tourist are always advised not to go very close to the waterfall due to dense vegetation, rough terrain and the steep waterfall. Hence it is also said as dangerous but, the most beautiful waterfall in Shillong.