Surwal Lake is a popular place for tourists, which offers breathtaking view of the park. This Lake is located in Ranthambore National Park and offers beautiful view of flora and fauna in the Park. This place is also known for natural beauty and looks amazing at the time of sunset and sunrise. It is an ideal place for many birds like Pelicans, Bar Headed Flamingoes, Demoiselle Cranes and Graylag geese.

Photographers and bird lovers like to visit this place in the time morning. This is the perfect time to enjoy the view of the lake with various species without any disturbance. This place offer jeep safari for tourist to visit this place within few hours. This safari provides mind-blowing experience of adventure. However, many tourists avoid a trip in the month of Mid April and May because there is no water in the lake.

This place is also home to many species of migratory world. Tourists can see more than 50 bird’s species within couple of hours walk. This place is a haven for nature and photographer lovers and is some 25 Km long from its main city Ranthambore. Being here is an opportunity to enjoy the nature and serenity that is not available elsewhere.