A trip to Gwalior is not complete unless you visited the majestic and magnificent Gwalior Fort. Within the fort walls are many attractions of historical importance and Suraj Kund is one of them. It’s the original pond within the Fort walls which is believed to have helped cure Suraj Sen, the founder of the Gwalior city. As per legends, the leprosy-struck Suraj Sen took a dip in this very pond and got cured.

This legend goes back to 425 AD when Saint Gwalipa used to live in the area and thus, the area later came to be called as Gwalior. On an expedition, when Suraj Sen lost track and could not find water, Gwalipa suggested him to head up the hill and find water. Many believe this pond or tank to have magical powers as its water capable of treating chronic diseases.

Tourists to Gwalior Fort also pay a visit to Suraj Kund as it’s a piece of history and legend together. The pond is well-maintained and guests love to enjoy sunset and sunrise here. Apart from enjoying history, you can sit by the pond and feel utter bliss and tranquility. Don’t forget to visit this unique pond when you happen to be at the Gwalior Fort!