Sundarbans is a popular national park located in the south east of the West Bengal. This forest got its name the famous mangrove plants known as Sundari tree. The Sunderbans is part of the world largest delta and is spread over an area of 4262 square km. You can find rare spices in this park which is located between India and Bangladesh border.

The Sunderbans has the largest population of tiger in India. Approximately there are 400 Royal Bengal tigers found here. You can also watch these tiger on the river banks sunbathing between October and April. This forest is a main attraction for wildlife and adventure lover. You can watch many species there like saltwater crocodile, river terrapin, Bengal tiger, turtle, dolphin and horseshoe crab.

This forest is controlled and managed by forest department of India.  This forest was declared reserved for royal tiger Bengal in 1973 and it became a wildlife sanctuary in 1977. June to September is a good time to visit this place and enjoy wonderful monsoon. If you want to visit deep in the forest then you need special permission for this.  There is numbers of resorts, hotels and jungle camp outside the sunderbans wildlife sanctuary.