Konak sun temple is perhaps one of the most popular tourist destinations in Orissa. This temple is dedicated to Sun god. The architecture of the temple is just amazing and attracts a lot of tourists. This temple was built by Narasimha Deva in 12 BC. Narasimha Deva was the king of Eastern Ganga Dynasty. This temple has been a world heritage site since 1984 and visited by millions of people from all parts of the world.

As per the locals, the temple has a great power emanating from two powerful magnets supposedly built into the tower. The main attraction of the temple is its geometrical patterns all around the temple. There are three images of sun god at three different direction of the temple. You can also see the images of dancers, musician and elephants into the temple.

The entrance of the temple is guided by two huge lions and one elephant. The elephant represents wealth and lion represents pride according the local peoples. Konark is an oldest place for sun worshipping and one of the largest temples in India. This temple is also mentioned in many accident scriptures and “Puranas”. This temple was desecrated in the attack of Mughal Emperor in the early 18th century.