Sukhna Lake is a beautiful lake in Chandigarh city – the first planned and modernized city in India. This lake is considered among the most beautiful manmade lakes and is also used for boating, relaxing and floating. It’s also an ideal place for many birds like Siberian duck and Cranes in the winter season. This lake was created in 1958 by damming Sukhna Choe River.

Sukhna Lake is spread in about 3Km area and is enclosed with rose garden and golf course. This lake is also famous for picnic and sporting activities. Ride the bull is a famous adventure sports for tourists here. The place is also visited by the locals in the time of evening and morning to enjoy the cool breeze and the beauty of the nature.

There is also a suicide point at this Lake which is a tower and used for major the water level in Sukhna Lake. Many years back, this lake used to be infamous for jumping into it lake and committing suicide. This tower is permanently closed and still important for photography and history. This lake becomes more beautiful at the time of sunset.