St. Jerome Fort is an ancient and imposing citadel on the Daman Island, India. Located to the north of the River Damanganga, the fort has a rich legacy of the Portuguese rule in the country. Named after the famous priest and theologian of the ancient time St. Jerome, the fort was built in AD 1672 and still stands tall.

It was the 12th Portuguese Viceroy to India - Dom Jeronimo de Azevado – who laid the foundation of the St. Jerome Fort. Its construction become necessary in the wake of the Mughal invasion of the Daman Island in AD 1614. The fort was completely built by the time DomFranciso de Gama was Viceroy of the Island.  

St. Jerome Fort is imposing in true sense spanning across an area of 12,250 square meter and featuring a church, cemetery and ruins. At the entrance is a huge statue of St. Jerome while the gateway overlooks the river flowing nearby. On the either side of the gateway are two large human figurines.

Within the St. Jerome Fort complex, visitors can also visit the Our Lady of the Sea Church. From the fort, visitors can get charming visuals of the river, lush greenery and fishing boats. Once here, you can click lots of photos and enjoy the surroundings of the Nani Daman Fort.