Beypore is a small village in Kozhikode, Kerala and is also known as 'Sultan Pattanam'. This name is believed to be given by Tipu Sultan himself – the ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore. This place has a small beautiful port and a beach that attracts a big number of tourists throughout the year. In fact, Beypore port is one of the oldest port in the Kerala which was used in accident time for trade.

Today, the port is used for fishing and board ride trips for tourists. Tourists here can also enjoy sunbath and water activities like swimming, boating and parasailing. The beach is located off river Chaliyar and Arabian Sea and is some 10 Km away from the town Kozhikode. From here, visitors can get a perfect view of the Arabian Sea in the evening. Tourism apart, this village is also famous for building good quality wooden ships.

More so, this village is also known as ‘Vaypura’ and the locals call it by that. Beypore village is a popular place for tourists and families looking for a vacation in the summer. You can easily get budget restaurants, resort and hotel here and enjoy your vacation. This beach is easily accessible by road, train and air and well, the nearest railway station is 10 km from Beypore village.