Located in Goa, Shri Mangueshi Temple is at distance of 1 KM from Mardol and dedicated to Lord Mangueshi – a form of Shiva. Surrounded by lush green hills, jackfruit and mango groves and coconut palms, this temple is a major tourist attraction. It presents rich culture, history and architectural beauty. It is among those temples that were destructed in 1567 by Portuguese when Salcete was joined in their territory.

Shri Mangueshi Temple has majestic and tall ‘deepstambha’, which is highest lamp tower in Goa. In evening, when it is lighted with oil lamps, its soothing impression is sight to behold. As devotees enter mahadwar of the temple, one is presented with arcades of massive marble pillars and beautiful view Sabhamandap of marble floorings. This Sabhamandap is decorated with chandeliers of 19th century. 

Shri Mangueshi Temple’s sanctum is decorated with beautiful silver gateway and has image of Lord Mangesh and Lord Narsinha. The deity is bright decorated with locally flowers, shawls and ornaments. The entrance columns, handrailings, pediments and decorative windows gives this temple beautiful look. Furthermore, the temple is blend of Indo-Portuguese and Islamic style of architecture, and is great heritage monument. Additionally, women sell Bilvapatra, Karmalam, local flowers, jackfruit cakes and mango as well.