The Shankaracharya Temple is one of the most sought after tourist spots in the capital city of Srinagar in Jammu & Kashmir. Located on Gopadari hill, also known as Takht-e-Suleiman this temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Though belonging to Vedic times, the temple still stands firmly at a height of 1100 feet, overlooking the entire city of Srinagar.

The Shankaracharya temple is one of the oldest religious shrines in Kashmir. As per the common belief, this temple is named after the great preacher and philosopher- Shankaracharya, who lived here during his visit to Kashmir. The temple is built on octagonal platform in a square shaped structure, reachable through staircases.

The platform of the temple offers panoramic and enchanting view of Srinagar from all angles. Besides religious significance, the temple is also of great archeological value, as it is assumed to be originally built around 370 BC during the reign of King Gopaditya. It is therefore maintained by the Archeological Survey of India and is a nationally protected monument.

Since its construction, the temple has undergone a lot of renewal and maintenance work till date. The Shankaracharya temple is located near Nehru Park which is on a small island in the beautiful Dal Lake. A lot of cabs and taxis are available till the temple site. Hereafter, there are about 100 stairs leading to the temple area.