Among all the national parks and wildlife sanctuaries, The SasanGir Wildlife National Park holds a key attraction as it is the only habitat of the Asiatic lions in the world. This flourishing hermitage in the western state of Gujarat, India. Also called as Gir National park or Gir Forest, the wildlife sanctuary covers an area of 1412 sq. kms. It is located 43 km to the north east of Somnath-another famous tourist attraction in Gujarat and, 65 km to the south-east of the town of Junagadh.

The Gir National Park is one of the most protected natural habitats of varied species of wild life and flora and fauna in the world. Apart from the majestic Asiatic lions-about 400 in number, the park is also home to 37 species of mammals including large antelopes, spotted deer, crocodiles, monitor lizards, hyena, four-horned antelopes, panthers, leopards etc. more than 400 types of plants are found here.

And, having more than 300 species of birds definitely makes it a paradise for bird-watchers. Most of the bird species are resident of this sanctuary. What adds to the beauty of this natural haven is the seven rivers flowing across the forest. Junagadh is the nearest rail and bus station connecting to Gir National Park. All the major cities like Rajkot or Ahmedabad have train till Junagadh and from here it is 90 minutes ride to the wildlife sanctuary.