Sariska National Park is a popular wildlife park located in Alwar, Rajasthan. This park was a hunting preserve and was declared a National Park by wildlife reserve in the year 1955. This wildlife century is spread at the area of 274 km and it’s also part of tiger reserve project since 1979. There are approximate 25 tigers in this park. This park 90% area is covered with dhok trees and home to various wildlife animals.

Tourists can also watch several wildlife animals like the leopard, sambhar, nilgai, langur, hyena and jungle cats. This area is reserved for wildlife and biodiversity by the govt of India. Sariska is a beautiful place and attracts thousands of tourists. This park has rich with various mineral resources such as silver, rock, phosphate, copper ore, zinc, granite, marble and garnets. Supreme Court has banned mining in this area since 1991.

Kankwari Fort is another main attraction for tourists in this park. This Fort was built by Jai Singh in 16 century. This Fort is located in the center of the forest. In 17 century, this forest was used by Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. This Fort is 25 Km away from the entrance gate of Sariska National Park. October to March is the best months to visit this place.