Shirdi, a small village located 85 kms in the north of Ahmednagar district in Maharashtra is worldwide known for its Samadhi Mandir of Sai Baba. It is one of the most famous religious shrines of India. The number of people visiting the temple daily is 25,000 on an average and exceeds 10,000 during holidays or festivals like Guru Purnima, Ram Navami or Vijayadashami.

The temple covers an area of 200 sq. meters approximately, at the place where Sai Baba renounced his life. He was highly admired in the village for his simplicity, love for the poor and weak, and, teachings on equality irrespective of caste or religion. In 1918, this holy saint took Samadhi and his body was laid down here at the Samadhi Mandir.

The temple has a beautiful idol of Sai Baba made from Italian white marble sitting on a majestic throne with a silver umbrella. The surrounding railings are exquisitely decorated with ornamental designs of gold and silver. The Samadhi temple has a grand hall having a capacity of 600 devotees.

The first floor of the temple is used to display the paintings and objects used by Sai Baba. There are other places worthy to visit related to Sai Baba’s Life like Dwarkamai, Chavadimandir, Maruti temple, Shri GurusthanMandir etc.