Jaisalmer in Rajasthan is perhaps the best and most exciting place in India to enjoy a desert safari. This is the reason why Sam Sand Dunes are now a major attraction in the city as it brings the wonderful opportunity to feel the true essences of 'The Great Thar Desert'. A splendid stretch of sweeping dunes welcomes here in the midst of virtually sparse or no vegetation.

Sam Sand Dunes bring an enticing prospect of joining a camel caravan and riding along the spectacular crests and troughs. Riding on a camelback, visitors can feel the bliss of solitude deep in the hearts of the desert. With sands and sands all around, visitors can’t ask for more for their desert experience for sure. All along, they can be a part of the camp and enjoy the sun setting behind the horizon.

Sam Sand Dunes are a perfect way to feel the true rustic and earthy charms of Rajasthan, its desert and its music, all in one place. Visitors can get to join a bonfire with the fellow tourists and feel the dark hues of the night. Above all, in the month of February/March, they can witness the local culture through the desert festival held amid the dunes.